Episode 26: Melānie Mendez Munden – Multidisciplinary Artist



Melānie Mendez Munden is a multidisciplinary artist.

Her background in fashion Design keikaikoa.com has been shown in Atlantic Fashion week since 2016. Their campaign supports an anti-bullying campaign called RESPECT.

Her recent studies at the Atlantic Film Co-op have resulted in a funded film1 called MAMA and Film 5 called MAID.

interiorsurfaces.ca that she co-owns with her husband is an agency that represents carpet and flooring mills around the world. Her primary work is designing Area rugs and carpets for hospitality called Mekizodesigns. Her work can be seen in various hotels and homes across North America and abroad.

The inspirations for her work are her abstract paintings that she takes from nature and her indigenous roots.

Melānie has now entered in partnership with local entrepreneurs in Hubbards to create a wedding destination called NauticalNuptialsSouthShore.com The group creates small authentic and intimate weddings by the ocean. Creating work, promoting sustainable weddings inspired by the beautiful scenery of the south shore.

Melanie resides in Hubbards, NS with her husband and their children, their dog Koa and their sweet bunnies Chichi and Ponyo.

Learn more @mekizokeikaikoa

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