Episode 25: dillion s. phiri – Father, filmmaker, Founder & CEO of creative nestlings


dillion s. phiri is a 32-year-old father of Wandi + Niki, a coffee enthusiast & creative strategist who has made his mark in the African creative industry with more than 10 years of experience working on a variety of projects across the African continent.

He is a multifaceted creative strategist & social sculptor who has worked in the world of design, placemaking, photography, web development, researching, strategy, directing, film-making, publishing, digital consulting, and fashion design.

He holds a BSc BUSINESS IT (UK) degree and is the Founder of Creative Nestlings, a creative network that connects and celebrates the youth of Africa and creative director at https://tusa.africa/, a platform making therapy more accessible.

Learn more about him @dillionsphiri

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