Episode 128: Mr SeaAphrodite – Trophy Husband/ Dom / Impact Top


Mr. SeaAphrodite was born and raised in New York. He graduated with honours from the prestigious SUNY, and worked in various retail management positions, including division and (multi-state) district management. He eventually retired to become a stay-at-home father and then was promoted to Trophy Husband/Dom Impact Top.

When Mrs Sea asked him to join her in a return to the lifestyle after having a family, he was more than happy to join her on this journey and expand his own dom and kink repertoire as time progressed. While Mrs. Sea dove into the domination of bi-flex boys, Mr. Sea maintained a role in exploring different aspects of BDSM play with female subs, though he also helps her with different ideas/scenarios or photo taking with her boys.

While Mrs Sea allows him to have sessions with anyone alone (as long as she gets to see the pics), they mostly play together and enjoy exploring with cuck couples, as well as domming bisexual girls together. Newbies and those already familiar with the lifestyle are all more than welcome to play with the Seas, but they do take a special interest in corrupting newbies and being their firsts. 😈

The Seas throw several parties a year, big and small, which are female-centric and also love the thrill of helping people fulfil their fantasies in a safe environment. They believe that providing this type of environment is of the utmost importance to them and their playmates.

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