Episode 127: Jennifer Andrews – Survivor / Amateur Comedian



Jennifer Andrews is a survivor, amateur comedian and popular kinky member of FetLife. Jennifer is a Communications major which complemented her love for talking. 

She is a dirty-talking girl with a big heart, a healthy sense of humour, and a dirty mind. 

Jennifer joined Fet seeking adventure and a new outlook on life. Shortly after joining Fet, her mind began to open to unique opportunities, and she decided to explore.  

As the middle child of a Catholic family from Utah her faith and family are the backbone of who she is and she holds on to them dearly today. However, intimacy was never displayed or discussed in her home. 

Despite a late start, Jennifer has become a popular addition to the BDSM community. However, her only experience was under the demise of a fake profile of a man that never existed. Despite this negative experience, Jennifer realized the qualities inside her to be a good devoted submissive and is looking forward to growing with new experiences. 

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