Episode 98: JoJo Worthington – Composer/ Producer/ Audio Engineer


Over the past decade, JoJo Worthington has emerged as a distinct presence in creative Canadian music, pairing deftly penned songs with spectacular sonic landscapes.

Having wandered through the “lost, enchanted forest” (Bandcamp, New & Noteworthy) of 2016’s breakthrough album, \\, and sailed the seas of her epic avant-pop odyssey TCYK (2019), BAPTIZED I sees this visionary songcrafter adorning her armour, grabbing her sword, and beginning a quest for a destination that isn’t tangible—a quest towards the divine.

BAPTIZED I leaves no stone of Worthington’s distinctive sonic palette unturned. Tender acoustic ballads erupt into sweeping electronic passages; anthemic refrains find peace in surreal soundscapes. Uniting Phoebe Bridgers-esque hooks with the electronics sensibilities of M83, these songs match confessional intimations with grand gestures.

They bring Death, the devil, and the Holy Ghost into scenes of high school bush parties and wintertime walks along the St. Lawrence. Combining earthly and celestial sounds, BAPTIZED I stands between worlds as Worthington yearns to make her “flesh connect / to the world as it is / and to be as the spirit is.”

This chameleonic EP explores the feeling of crossing a bridge between the ordinary and the extraordinary; between the superficial and the sacred; between what has been and what should be.

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