Episode 92: Israel The Creator – Animator/illustrator


Israel Obasola is a Nigerian animator and illustrator who took advantage of this period and used it to hone in on his skills. As a result, he gained more confidence in his craft along with growing viewers on his various social media pages. On TikTok, where he goes by the name Israelthecreator, he has amassed over 32.2 million views.

Like most children, Obasola grew up watching cartoons on Saturday mornings, and that is how his passion and love for drawing started. He gravitated towards comic books and superhero shows, which is evident in much of his work as an adult. For instance, he gives the superheroes an African twist in his interpretation of Superman and Spider man.

After watching these shows, he would recreate them through his drawings, his imagination was always working on overdrive to quench his thirst for art. He is inspired by the legendary Stan Lee, the renowned comic book writer. Obasola’s goal is to create a vibrant comic book culture in Nigeria along with ensuring that other young people can see that their dreams are valid, even if it veers from the norm. He hopes that one day he will surpass his hero’s while spreading authentic African stories to an international audience.

Check him out @israel.obasola

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