Episode 81: Nick Vannello – GoNaked Magazine

Nick is the publisher of GoNaked Magazine, a men’s nudist magazine.
GoNaked Magazine was born out of curiosity on how to produce a digital publication. Eight years later, the publication has grown to over 14,000 readers around the planet. In addition to the magazine, Nick hosts men-only nudist events and vacations. (If he had known this was going to be his career path, he would have skipped college altogether.)
GoNaked Magazine differs from other nudist organizations because they focus on the “full-body nudist”; in addition to just getting naked, they also explore what it means to be naked with mental health, physical health, the spiritual self,  finances, sexuality, and space.
The goal of the magazine is to connect like-minded men all over the world, and Nick’s purpose in life is to give these men permission to explore that world in a way that is safe for them.

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