Episode 8: Hodder- Seafarer / Hiphop Recording Artist

The Popeye of Hiphop in Cowboy Boots. Halifax Recording Artist, Hodder is a combination of variables that mesh together better than they should.
A merchant seafarer by profession. Hodder spends about 6 months a year on ships working to fund his music career as an independent artist.
His time off the seas and home on solid ground mean countless hours in the studio working on personal projects as well as helping other artists access the music scene.
“If I’m not on a boat and you can’t find me in the studio, stop looking, I don’t wanna be found”
Hodder spends a fair amount of time off-grid, in the woods or on the trails which he calls “the equivalent to hitting the reset button”
“I’ve been really fortunate to have the ability to connect with so many talented and hardworking individuals in the time that I have been active, I’m looking forward to progressing my abilities and contributing back to our local scene. I’ll never lose my competitive edge, but I think a lot of great can come from us holding each other up to”

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