Episode 131: Tiger_Myatt – Documentary Filmmaker/Adult Content Creator/ Podcast Host



Tiger_Myatt is a documentary filmmaker, adult content creator, and podcast host.

His career began in narrative filmmaking in Chicago, as well as experimental theatre and mixed media. After living internationally for several years he settled in New York and completed an M.A. in documentary filmmaking. Concurrently Matt worked as an event filmmaker, having shot over 400 weddings. Vowing to never, ever, EVER shoot another wedding again he transferred those skills into shooting adult content.

Given Matt’s education and diverse experiences, he has accumulated his storytelling background into the podcast, “The Birds & the Bee” co-produced by his romantic and business partner, Chelsea Bee.

His other hobbies include creating original hot sauces, growing vegetables, and cooking original low-sodium meals to promote cardiovascular health.


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