Episode 116: Dr Yulinda Renee – Clinical Sexologist

Dr. Yulinda Renee Rahman aka Doc Yu Roc is a trauma-informed, board-certified Kink Conscious Sex Therapist with a Doctorate in Clinical Sexology. She is a researcher of sexual trauma, therapeutic BDSM, and creator of resources for sexual trauma healing, and author of  “Healing the Angry Black Woman: The Research” and “A Power Exchange with Your Pain: A Guide Towards Reconciliation with SELF.
Her vision is to break the stigma around sexual trauma in the Black community that prevents us from seeking support.
Dr. Rahman is doing this work via her nonprofit, Heal On Purpose Inc., an organization committed to conducting research and providing education on the impact of sexual trauma in the Black community while simultaneously creating resources that aid in collective and individual healing.
You can find out more about the nonprofit and its work at healonpurpose.org

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