Episode 10: Stefanie Winters – Yoga Teacher And Personal Trainer



Stefanie has been physically active from a young age, influenced by her parents who were involved in the fitness industry.  She became a certified personal trainer in 2008 and has been working one on one with clients ever since.

However, it was not until she met Coeli Marsh and was introduced to Baptiste Power Yoga that she found her true passion. After studying with Coeli, she was compelled to travel to Hawaii to study with Baron Baptiste in 2009. This was a transformative experience that opened up her world. She saw that her belief system and self-imposed limitations had been holding her back; she was playing small. She continued to explore yoga and tended to her inner world, and later completed and assisted another 200-hour yoga teacher training with Coeli Marsh.

She diversified her teaching by studying yoga for PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) with the Warriors at Ease programme at Kripalu in Massachusetts. Then shortly after she developed an interest in the healing practice of Reiki and energy work and became a  Reiki Master. In 2019 she was a co-facilitator in her first Reiki Level 1 training with 20 students that she personally initiated in a powerful ceremony.

Stefanie also sharpened her instructional skills with Ana Forrest with advanced vinyasa training in Ottawa; delving into many traditional Native American ceremonies and breaking down advanced postures, sequencing, and assisting. Additionally, she has recently practised with Sadie Nardini and Magan Curry and attributes much of her teaching style to them.

Stefanie has co-facilitated several yoga retreats in Central America; her current focus is to instruct online to help students deepen their practice outside the studio.

Check her out @stefaniewintersyoga

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