Episode 1: Krystal Kurio – Sword Swallower/Performance Artist


Krystal Kurio is one of the world’s rare female sword swallowers!  In 2014, she ran away with renowned sideshow company The FreakShow Deluxe and since then, has performed across the nation with them, moving up the ranks to President of their Los Angeles chapter.

She is a Go Big Show Semi-Finalist and has been featured on BuzzFeed, Investigation Discovery’s True Nightmares, and CBS’s The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Krystal also dances with the Los Angeles burlesque company The Dollface Dames and hosts The Jade Follies, SoCal’s first and only all-Asian burlesque and variety revue!

Catch her performances virtually:

May 19, 8:30p PDT:
Virtual TRIPTease

June 5, 6 P PDT:
Lola’s Virtual Cabaret

Check her out @krystal_kurio

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