Episode 88: Lily Lynch – Social Entrepreneur


Lily Lynch is a white and Afro-Mi’kmaw woman from Halifax, Nova Scotia. In her work and life, Lily aims to encourage and catalyze further opportunities for all communities to participate in cross-cultural appreciation and build empathy.

Lily is the co-founder of Sankara, an award-winning social enterprise operating in Atlantic Canada. Sankara is an Online Multicultural Marketplace (www.sankaracuisine.com) to experience cultural products like Catering, Meal Boxes, and Handcrafts from local cultural vendors. Sankara partners with dozens of cultural vendors from over 25 countries who use the platform as a free tool to generate income and share their stories by expressing their cultural identities.

As a person with intersecting identities, Lily is passionate about co-creating prosperous communities, environments, economies, and legacies alongside systematically marginalized people. For Black History Month 2020, a mere month after the passing of my paternal grandfather, she quickly organized the inaugural Pan-African flag raising in New Brunswick. In 2021, the Pan-African flag was raised simultaneously in 8 municipalities in New Brunswick.

Find out more @sankaramarket

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