Episode 75: DJ Killa-Jewel – Turntablist / Producer

A 24 year veteran of the underground Hip-Hop scene and turntablist community, DJ Killa-Jewel has rocked decks across North America, Europe and Asia at some of the most prestigious clubs, concerts and festivals to date.
Also a producer herself, she released her first unofficial album, Saudade, in
2014. Later, she was joined by Nate HusserWasiuRas Kass and Sereni-T, along with
the use of her own voice as a singer on the Reckless EP, her latest release from 2020, solidifying her status as both a producer and performing artist.
Influences include DJ Shadow, Amon Tobin, DJ Q-Bert, Kid Koala and Radiohead. She
writes all her own music and spends a large amount of time considering conceptual takes on
her work, which brings an element of theatricalism and originality to her work.

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