Episode 73: Elinor Crosby – Genderfluid Gen X Librarian, Artist, and Activist

Jack of All Trades, Master of Many! The only things Elinor has tried so far in their life that they can’t do are hula-hooping, arc-welding, and not being themself. In 48 years they have lived a lot of lives, and are currently incarnated as a Programming & Community Engagement Manager for Halifax Public Libraries, among other things.
Born and raised in Quebec, Elinor moved to Halifax after completing a DEC in Fine Arts at Champlain Regional College and starting a BFA at Bishops doing drawing and sculpture.
Life threw a lot of things at them in their 20s and 30s, but they graduated with their Multidisciplinary BFA from NSCAD in 2006, and then their Masters of Library and Information Studies in 2012.
Since then, Elinor has been bringing their unique perspective and experiences to public library work, while continuing to dance, make art, and talk about being fat in public.

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