Episode 43: Jimmy Couture Social Worker & Owner of Reformed Delinquent

Jimmy  experienced trauma at a very young age which fueled a ruthless, self destructive lifestyle full of pain, crime and addiction. With a go big or go home moment, he turned it all around, but he had to fix 10 years of wreckage to get his life back.

Jimmy is now a husband and father of three and has great appreciation for his second chance at life.

Armed with a Post-Secondary degree and diploma, addictions background and life experience, Jimmy’s goal is to help his community and beyond. He wants to infuse change and healing in people who battle the same obstacles he did. He uses his website and clothing brand as a vessel to share inspiration and support.

While trying to experience life with a new lens and making up for lost time, he is building awareness to end the stereotypes of mental health, bullying and addiction and connect people who are struggling with finding their passions so they can heal and become the hero of their own story.

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