Episode 42: O Cinnedi – Artist/Performer



Kennedy means helmeted warrior; relentless in pursuing her dreams, developing her skills, and taking her audience on a musical ride like no other.

Kennedy’s star has risen fast in the maritime community thanks to her originality, determination, and professional skillset that assures success for events, clubs, and shows as she builds relationships and collaborates with artists, Grammy award-winning producers, and connections in Canada, the US and overseas.

Kennedy is more than a DJ. She is an awarded dancer and choreographer who has performed all over Canada and at Disney. She is an event planner who uses her PR/Communication education to assure success for the festivals and events she headlines and those she coordinates.

Kennedy is not selfish. She promotes women and ethnicity in the music industry. She uses her knowledge, skills, and experience to influence and support to lead positive change in the industry.

Kennedy is creative. She is a performer who includes costume, dance, and theatre in her shows leaving her audience spellbound. She takes her audiences to places dark and light with mixes that mesmerize and enthrall. As one of the only female producers on the East Coast, Kennedy is well equipped to lead by example that commitment, drive, and belief empowers and drives success. With strong management and advice, Kennedy knows her star will rise and deliver success for all on her team.

Learn more about her @o_cinnedimusic

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