Episode 32: Wafa Alamm – Journalist/Founder – One Frame Production Company

https:// youtu.be/7RWnNbsveKo
Wafa Alamm is the owner and the founder of One Frame Production Company based in Canada, and a journalist and TV anchor with 20 years experience in journalism between print and TV media. Wafa has extensive experience as a Senior TV Anchor and Program Broadcaster and has presented a range of political and social talk shows.
As an expert in Gulf affairs, Wafa has written a  number of articles in this regard. She is passionate about writing on women development issues.
Wafa has experience working on social program shows in Bahrain and then she worked in Lebanon for nine years on a news channel that is one of the most important news channels in the Arab community.
She is currently, managing the One Frame production company, writing articles on Gulf affairs with Almayadeen.net, and writing articles on empowering Gulf women with the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington. An activist in the field of women’s empowerment.

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